Specialty Gas Mixtures


West Care Medical is top notch in pure gases – pure and simple. Each of our products is analyzed and verified with our leading-edge laboratory procedures. Available in both refillable or non-refillable cylinders, they are guaranteed to provide the purity necessary for the most demanding medical applications.

  • Anesthesia Calibration Products
  • Pulmonary Function Testing Products
  • Blood Gas Calibration Products
  • Respiratory Calibration Products
  • Environmental Calibration & Biological Incubation Diagnostic Support Calibration Products

West Care Medical can offer a broad range of specialty gas mixtures for variety of applications, ranging from calibration to diagnostics in the following different grades of purity.

We would be pleased to discuss your specific needs and the best solution to accomplish your objectives. Every precaution is taken to make sure that you get only top quality products from careful cylinder preparation and an efficient filling process to an excellent quality control system. Our team of experts ensures an accurate analysis of every product. Whatever your requirements are regarding specialty gases and gas mixtures, you can rely on our innovative application of gas technology to meet your needs.