Home Oxygen

Equally important, West Care Medical provides leading edge technologies in the respiratory field. Through leadership in Canadian respiratory healthcare, participation in clinical studies, contracts with governments and health regions, we are on the cusp of healthcare provision in Canada. In this section we discuss home oxygen therapy and how it can help you.

Oxygen (O2) is essential for life. The air we breathe contains about 21% oxygen which is inhaled into the lungs and diffused through membranes into our blood. Sometimes certain conditions cause a shortage of oxygen in our body and we may need “extra” oxygen to keep active.

There have been many studies showing how Home Oxygen Therapy for COPD helps your body and future

COPD slowly damages your airways, the breathing tubes that carry air in and out of your lungs. COPD makes airways swollen and partly blocked by mucus. It also damages in the tiny air sacs at the tips of your airways. This makes it hard to move air in and out of your lungs.

It is important to receive the correct oxygen system in your home. West Care Medical provides ALL types of stationary and portable systems.

At present most provincial governments use “qualification” criteria to determine if they will fund your home oxygen therapy

With an extensive homecare delivery infrastructure and select locations where Oxygen can be picked-up, West Care Medical has what it takes to best serve your respiratory needs