Home Oxygen Therapy

Respiratory diseases impact millions of Canadians, with COPD being a leading cause of hospitalization in Canada:

We provide respiratory support and services across Canada every day. This includes care at home, proactive integrated care with other healthcare professionals, education and coaching to patients and healthcare professionals and oxygen therapy.

We understand the complexities of caring for your patients with COPD and other respiratory diseases. To assist you, we have created this section, which contains resources for you and your patients.

Referring a patient  for home oxygen therapy is simple. Click on your province to download a referral form.

Learn more about how your patients are funded for oxygen. Click on your province to find information about home oxygen funding in your area as well as private pay and federal funding programs.

As your respiratory professional partner, we want to ensure that you have all of the resources you need. From oxygen funding across Canada to outlining our professional partners, it’s all here!

To make it easier for you, the healthcare professional, we have developed many resources for patients to help in both understanding the therapy as well as to increase compliance.

We constantly strive to be the respiratory experts that can be counted on to deliver professional, responsive service. You can rely on West Care Medical to support your patients after hospital discharge.