We offer a wide range of medical grade gases to our healthcare customers and homecare patients.

Oxygen USP

Present in abundance in nature, the oxygen molecule represents in weight 21% of the air we breathe. It also represents in weight 46% of the earth’s crust (in the form of oxides, of silicates, etc.), 89% of the water present on Earth (under molecular state), and 62% of the human body (under molecular state).

Medical Air

Medical air is used for a variety of patient applications. Many patients sensitive to oxygen toxicity are delivered air to lower their exposure to oxygen. Many of these patients have extremely delicate respiratory systems or processes which rely on a pure, accurate concentration of medical air.


A 50% Nitrous Oxide and 50% Oxygen mixture is an analgesic drug. It delivers safe sedation(2) and analgesia for elective diagnostics and therapeutic procedures that can provoke significant anxiety or pain in adult or pediatric patients


Liquid nitrogen at -196°C is used to freeze and preserve blood, sperm, embryos, bone marrow and other biological samples without diminishing their intrinsic qualities.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is an anesthetic. Mixed with oxygen, it is also used as an antalgic (which attenuates the feeling of pain). It is used for the management of pain related to short but painful medical treatments

Carbon Dioxide

In the gaseous state, it helps constitute an atmosphere close to normal physiological conditions necessary in the handling artificial organs. It is also used in modern, minimally invasive surgical interventions (colonoscopies, arthroscopies, etc.)

Specialty Gas Mixtures

Air Liquide Healthcare is top notch in pure gases – pure and simple. Each of our products is analyzed and verified with our leading-edge laboratory procedures