A 50% Nitrous Oxide and 50% Oxygen mixture is an analgesic drug. It delivers safe sedation(2) and analgesia for elective diagnostics and therapeutic procedures that can provoke significant anxiety or pain in adult or pediatric patients. It does not provide any anesthetic effect or respiratory drive depression. It does not cause loss of consciousness and the laryngeal closure reflex is maintained(3). It is very well tolerated(2) and with 50% Oxygen, the risk of hypoxemia is minimized. With rapid reversal, the effects disappear in 1 to 3 minutes(1).

Material Safety Data Sheets

WHMIS (Canada) ClassificationClass A: Compressed Gas
Class C: Oxidizing Material
UN NumberUN1072 (gas) ;
UN1973 (liquid refrigerated)
Color Code Cylinder ShroudWhite
HazardsMajor Hazards:
Fire & High Pressure
ToxicityAvoid Oxygen Rich (>21 vol%) atmospheres
Flammability limits in air (STP conditions)Highly oxidizing


Know all of the hazards (fire/explosion, health, chemical reactivity, corrosivity, toxicity, pressure) of the materials you work with. Read the MSDSs and labels for all of the materials you work with and check the label, not the cylinder color, to identify the gas. Only discharge compressed gases safely using devices, such as pressure regulators, approved for the particular gas. Follow your employer’s occupational health & safety guidelines.


We comply with Health Canada Regulations and hold a Drug Identification # for this gas ( DIN # 02071010)

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